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Don't even bother posting if all you're going to say is "you all are disgusting perverts!" Remember: you're here too.

General netiquette applies. No flaming, no feeding the trolls. I check the board pretty regularly, so if there's something inappropriate, it gets taken care of really quickly.

No advertising. Spammers suck. Guest comments are disabled due to spambots coming to ruin the fun.

Please do not RP at the artists, and don't try to flirt with the pictures. This is not an RP board.

Other than that, have fun.


The theme of this board is littlefurs, or furry shota/loli, however you may call it. Young furries and scalies enjoying themselves and each other.

No gore or related ickiness.

Anything that doesn't fit the theme goes on the practice board. That includes pictures with only adult characters, scribbles, stuff like that. Practice doodles go on the practice board.. If this is your first time using an oekaki board, that's probably the best place to start. If a drawing is off-topic for the main board, it might be deleted. More likely, it'll be moved to the practice board, though.

The maintainer reserves the right to delete pictures that are inappropriate. That includes flaming, stick figures, or just being icky or annoying.

That's it. Have fun! ^.^